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  • How to Attract B2B Buyers

    B2B buyers are increasingly moving from pen-and-paper purchasing to eCommerce, and marketers are taking notice. With the shift in buying behaviors – the online B2B retail market is already competitive. Attracting the business-to-business buyers that are already buying online, and enticing the ones that aren’t to start buying online comes down to one thing:

  • Magento 2.1 for B2B Online Retail: A Competitive Comparison

    According to Magento research, B2B sales in the US are going to break $1 trillion this year, 2x the B2C market. The research also predicts that this market will reach 6.7 trillion globally. With all this untapped opportunity to increase sales – why choose Magento 2.1 over a competitor solution

  • The Importance of Mobile Optimization in B2B eCommerce

    Many B2B marketers know by now that mobile buying is an important element to selling in their industry. Though apps and mobile-optimized sites used to be traditionally the territory of B2C, we now know that business buyers are increasingly using mobile devices and tablets to make purchases.

    The Rise of

  • 5 Trends in B2B eCommerce for 2017

    Business-to-business eCommerce is growing at a tremendous pace. Now that B2B online retailing occupies a staggering $1 trillion market, it’s more important than ever for B2B sellers to keep up with the quickly changing landscape. Incorporating these five rising

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