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  • Going global yet? eCommerce in Asian Markets is Booming

    If you were told your domestic eCommerce site was ignoring a soon-to-be trillion-dollar market, would you change your strategic roadmap for the next five years? Many top analysts and experts think that you should. According to recent Forrester

  • How to Attract B2B Buyers

    B2B buyers are increasingly moving from pen-and-paper purchasing to eCommerce, and marketers are taking notice. With the shift in buying behaviors – the online B2B retail market is already competitive. Attracting the business-to-business buyers that are already buying online, and enticing the ones that aren’t to start buying online comes down to one thing:

  • 7 Ways to Integrate Video into Online Retail

    Video is a powerful marketing tool for any kind of business, but it’s a tool that many companies fail to use properly, or use in lackluster ways. Effectively integrating video into your commerce website and your marketing strategy makes it easier to engage with a broader range of customers. Here are seven proven ways to creatively use video to market your

  • Magento 2.1 for B2B Online Retail: A Competitive Comparison

    According to Magento research, B2B sales in the US are going to break $1 trillion this year, 2x the B2C market. The research also predicts that this market will reach 6.7 trillion globally. With all this untapped opportunity to increase sales – why choose Magento 2.1 over a competitor solution

  • Critical eCommerce Considerations for Pen-and-Paper B2B companies

    Implementing an eCommerce strategy for any company is a complex task, but especially so for companies that generally do business offline. Not only do most of these companies have hefty and complex catalogs, but each item often requires specific configuration and special designations. Industries like manufacturing historically have mostly

  • Is Magento 2.1 the Right Fit for Your eCommerce Site?

    Whether you’ve just started your eCommerce research or if you’re looking to upgrade your existing platform, you’ve likely seen Magento mentioned, if not already explored the platform. After all, with the most single-platform market share of top enterprise retailers - there are clear reasons why it could be a great option to grow

  • The Importance of Mobile Optimization in B2B eCommerce

    Many B2B marketers know by now that mobile buying is an important element to selling in their industry. Though apps and mobile-optimized sites used to be traditionally the territory of B2C, we now know that business buyers are increasingly using mobile devices and tablets to make purchases.

    The Rise of

  • 5 Trends in B2B eCommerce for 2017

    Business-to-business eCommerce is growing at a tremendous pace. Now that B2B online retailing occupies a staggering $1 trillion market, it’s more important than ever for B2B sellers to keep up with the quickly changing landscape. Incorporating these five rising

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