Magento for Pharmaceutical, Nutrition and Medical Supply Security, accuracy and business-to-business capabilities.

“Magento 2 is the latest open-source version of the retail’s most popular, next-generation digital commerce platform.”

Medical Equipment Shops, Drugstores, and Pharmacies that sell online have unique challenges. Site functionalies like customizable quantities, payment security, and regulated promotions are not just nice to have, they are industry standards, and in some cases, regulatory standards. Web Solutions NYC has deep experience with managing, designing and developing medical industry sites, with some of the biggest brands in the industry in our portfolio. Coupled with Magento, we have powerful features for these industries such as:

  • Allow permissioned business teams to manage the back-end and make customizations without burdening IT teams.
  • Add new selling channels, lines, brands, products, and geographic areas faster and more cost-effectively.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics to track inventory movement and levels.
  • Configurable products with lists of options for each variation such as quantity, type and other customizable fields.
  • Subsccounts with customizable permissions like order caps and Request for Quote functions directly onsite via the Web Solutions NYC B2B Optimization Module - included with any Magento 2 migration project.
  • Set wholesale and group pricing for specific customer groups native in Magento.
  • Secure payments and expanded payment types, including POs, with integration.

Why Magento?

Magento has cornered the market on some of the world’s most successful eCommerce brands. With enhanced back-end, as well as customer experience features and the ability to add custom modules and capabilities, you can truly make a one-of-a-kind experience for your customers and your needs. Magento 2 has turnkey performance and scalability features to support rapidly-growing businesses, so there is no need to question, "Will I have to find a new solution in 5 years?" This solution is here to stay and grow with your business.

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