Web Solutions NYC Modules for Magento 2.1 Add value and features to your Magento 2.1 site with customized modules and extensions designed to drive sales and improve customer experience

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Legacy Orders Module

When customers can see a history of their past orders, what quantity they purchased, and what other items they purchased, repeat buyers increase. The Legacy Orders module keeps a record of archived customer orders, quantities, shipping data and item number/SKU imported from any eCommerce platform or system in CSV format. All of your important customer data can be instantly migrated to Magento 2.1 from Magento 1.x, or from another eCommerce platform to Magento 2.1.

B2B Optimization Suite of Modules

The B2B online retail market is expected to reach over a trillion dollars in the two years. The B2B Optimization Module builds upon and optimizes the Magento features for business-to-business sales. Included in this module suite is the B2B Request for Quote Module and the B2B Sub-Accounts Module. Creation of sub-accounts allows clients to master permissions for their team and enable or disable access to quote requests, set purchase amount caps, and place orders from approved Request for Quotes. Clients can request pricing if enabled, and admins can approve, decline or modify the request in the back-end. The module will blend seamlessly into website style and branding with front-end development, and is accessible through a dashboard integrated into the Magento back-end menu for both client and you.

Authorize.Net CIM Module

The Authorize.NET CIM Integration extension allows your company to expand on the payment methods, billing methods and credit card options in the Magento cart through an integration with Authorize.net. Once integrated, customers with accounts will see robust features like void transaction, re-order, saved credit card information, online refund status and preferred currency. These items will seamlessly blend into your Magento template. In the back-end, admins will be able to download customer order data and securely view financial data as an option in the Magento Menu. Authorize.net keeps a record of your customer’s credit card payment data to achieve 100% PCI compliance. Credit memos can also be issued with any online refund. Authorize.net allows for ARB service (Authorize.Net Recurring Billing), which means product subscriptions billing is possible.

Subscriptions Module

Online retailers have grown nearly 3,000% in the past three years, according to Internet Retailer. The move from one-time buyer to subscribercreates repeat customers, a steady income stream and additional monetization of current product. The subscriptions module offers a way to implement scheduled product deliveries to customers on a daily, weekly, monthly or other customizable schedule. With no interruption in sales and automatic integration into your warehouse system, setting up a strategy for customers to get a recurring order of one or multiple products is simple.

Quick View Popup Window Module

Quick View Popup Window Module allows your customers to quickly preview product details, while remaining on Category or Search Results pages. This feature allows your customers to easily view the product, select configuration, set quantity and add to cart staying on the same Category or Search Results page. The module supports displaying all product details, including General, Details, More Information and Reviews tabs. With one click your customer can see all color options, available size options and customizations associated with a product without bouncing off the category or search results page. These features make buying decision easier and reduces page bounce rate. The window will match your theme with included front-end development hours, and the information is automatically pulled from the Magento back-end product information - no additional work is needed to make the module display. All product types are supported and customers can add-to-cart directly from the Quick view window, or click through to the product description page for more information.

Add to Cart Module

The Add To Cart Module displays a modal window that confirms the item has successfully been placed in the cart. The modal displays on both category and product pages. With the "Add to Cart" popup window, customers can be confident that the quantity, size and item placed in the cart is the one they chose. When incorrect items are placed in the cart, it increases bounce rate upon check-out; customer behavior predicts they will simply remove the item, rather than press the back button to find the item again. This modal window ensures the custom stays on the category or search page they were on for continued purchases. The text, images and content of the pop-up window can be customized in the Magento back-end.

Blog Module

The Blog Module is a robust full functionality that integrates into the Magento 2.1 back-end. With this extension installed, third-party applications and integrations like Wordpress can be eliminated, saving your company time and money versus bringing a developer for these programs in-house, or outsourcing to an agency. The blog function includes all the industry best practice marketing features. Blogging is essential to increasing brand awareness, improving SEO via keywords and establishing your brand as a subject matter expert. Blogs can be drafted and published in the back-end, and with front-end development will blend seamlessly into your site, matching your current branding. Tagging and categories help site visitors easily find the topics they are interested in, and the post tags on an individual blog page are shown in the sidebar. Image call-to-actions can be integrated into the blog, helping improve conversion and follow-through to the next level of the sales funnel.

Free Shipping Threshold Module

The Free Shipping Threshold Module displays the dollar amount remaining to receive free shipping on an order in a bar across the top of the website. A notice is displayed on Shopping Cart and Checkout pages encouraging customers to put additional items in their carts and meet the threshold to qualify for free shipping. The bar text and color scheme can be easily configured to match your site theme, providing a seamless experience for the customer notification. Free shipping is one of the most enticing promotions you can give a customer. With the prevalence of Amazon Prime and other 100% free shipping services, customers have come to expect this from smaller sites they purchase from. Free shipping threshold lets you configure the perfect amount to start "Free Shipping" at, protecting your shipping revenue and increasing the Average Order Volume of shoppers on your site.

Store Locator Module Package

The Store Locator Module base and locator package allows customers to locate physical locations of an online store through the store locator search function. When customers can find physical store locations easily, revenue and sales may increase if they know they can buy an item in-store, or return an online purchase in store with ease. The search displays all brick-and-mortar stores with store’s image, contact details and opening hours. All stores are displayed on a map - customers can search stores by radius, receive directions to each store and see traffic information; all within the website page. The Store locator framework can be configured to match the rest of your company's website and branding with front-end development. The stores are pulled automatically using Google Maps API. Stores not on Google Maps can also be added manually. Allows search for stores by: - Nearby by city - Zip code - Radius (km or mile)

Social Media Log-in Module

The Social Media Log-in Module allows customers to check out via their Facebook, Google+ or Twitter accounts with one-click sign-in upon checkout. Removing the barrier of creating an account and entering in multiple fields of information reduces the chance of cart abandonment. The module is configured via API keys and clients can choose which social platform log-ins to support, or choose to support all.

Exit Popup Window Module

The Exit Popup Window Module helps reduce the bounce rate for customers exiting the site. When a customer attempts to leave the site, a modal window appears. The content of the modal window is highly customizable - with optional text, image and newsletter subscription field. When appearing to customers on-site, with front-end development the modal window will blend seamlessly with the look and feel of your site with front-end development. The modal window will only appear upon the first exit attempt by the customer preserve customer experience.

Coupon Link Module

The coupon link module allows you to create URL links that will automatically add a coupon code for your customer to the shopping cart. This module is beneficial for marketing campaigns, targeted promotional emails, blog posts, social media and affiliate marketing. The module allows for optional specific requirement rules to be set for coupon activation. The rules of the module will be configured by the client in the back-end of the Magento menu and will not be visible to the customer. The customer will receive the URL via promotional means and the discount will activate with a customizable message once chosen conditions are met. Other revenue-driving use cases of this module are for contests and giveaways. Because the URLs can be auto-generated, an unlimited amount of unique URLs can be distributed to your customers. The coupon link module could also be used for "share with a friend" deals, where the URL is configured to be multi-use and the promotional email could encourage forwarding - bringing in new customers to your store.

Canada Post Module

The Canada Post Module automatically allows for Canadian customers to choose shipping options from the most widely used shipping companies and third-party shippers in Canada. Clients can choose which Canadian shipment companies they wish to show the customer, or they can show the customer all options, or they may show the customer one option for shipment. Front-end styling will match that of the Magento template that the clients current shopping cart is running on. This extension can expand the reach of your store internationally and open up a brand new market of customers. With the average Canadian spending $51 a week on online purchases, this market is lucrative and becoming very competitive already. The Canada Post Extention gives you a plug-and-play way to enable your website to support Canadian shipping.

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