4MD Medical is a nation-wide distributor of medical equipment, supplies, EMS and laboratory equipment. Serving consumers, hospitals, laboratories, and healthcare facilities.

The Solution

In addition to implementing a Request for Quote function for B2B wholesale, Web Solutions NYC did a full code audit for 4MD Medical, cleaned up every line of bad code and made modernizations and optimizations to deliver a secure, excellent customer experience. Privacy and security are vital in medical supply, so every transaction is safe and secure.

We provided continuous improvements for 4MD for several years after the project, and still assist on special projects. 

The Problem:

4MD Medical's site architecture and server was too slow to support their growing product catalog, and they were stuck on a solution that was not able to scale to their continued success. They had no functionalities for B2B eCommerce, a huge blow to a company that has many B2B and Business-to-Institution business. 


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Web Solutions NYC provided:


  • Code Audit
  • Security Audit
  • B2B Optimizations
  • Full Server Migration
  • Performance Optimization
  • Customer Experience Improvements
  • Security Patches
  • Module Installations
  • Continuous Improvements