Hero Giveaways


Hero Giveaways has empowered wounded veterans and their families through Healing Heroes Network, a national non-profit organization.  Hero Giveaways merchandise proceeds have helped provide important assistance through a variety of different programs Healing Heroes offers. 

The Solution

Starting a Magento 2 rescue project is never a project that brands want to have to consider. With a lot of time, investment and planning put into developing an amazing and functional site experience, it is an obvious disappointment when a partner is not able to deliver on functionality and execution.

Web Solutions NYC was able to fix the functionality obstacles on the Hero Giveaways site in just three days when their current partner was not able to identify their issue. We have provided them with clean, quality code and are implementing improvements to their website and buying experience. 

The Problem:

Hero Giveaways was new to Magento 2 and excited about all the amazing features the platform offers. Working with another partner, the brand began to experience difficulties with their site functionality and performance. It began to affect their customer experience, an important component of the non-profits mission to spread their message of helping United States Veterans and their families. 



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Web Solutions NYC provided:

  • Magento 2 Development Audit and Cleanup
  • Magento 2 Rescue Project
  • Performance Optimization
  • Customer Experience Improvements
  • Security Patches