Magento for Leisure, Travel and Tourism

Take your customers to new destinations digitally.

Travel, hospitality and leisure, while in the past used to be sold by a tourism agent over the phone or in-person, are almost completely making the shift to online. With discount sites such as Hotwire and Expedia, the consumer mindset has switched to almost exclusively booking trips, hotels and flights online. For independent travel retailers, moving to eCommerce will almost certainly become a necessity.


Why Magento for Travel?

With all the configuration that goes into booking a trip, plus the consumer peace of mind, a travel eCommerce website needs to be fully functional and take the consumer to their destination digitally. It is always harder to sell a high-dollar product, that isn’t really a “physical” product, Magento has ways to achieve this such as:

  • Supports numerous configurable product types including single products, grouped products, virtual products, downloadable products and gift cards. The interface supports zoom on images, multiple images and videos on product pages, upsells, add to wishlist, reviews and related products.

    • A digitally downloadable product that consists of one or more files that are downloaded, such as tickets. The files can reside on your server or be provided as URLs to any other server. This can also be used for a free downloadable product or add-on digital product.

  • A configurable product appears as a single product with lists of options for each variation such as color, sizing variations or customizations. Each option represents a separate, simple product with a distinct SKU, which makes it possible to track for each variation and create custom “build-a-trip” functions with flights, hotels and rentals.

  • Supports a number of offline payment methods, including payment by check or money order, and cash on delivery.

  • Online payment methods include PayPal, PayPal for Business, Purchase Orders, credit cards, and bank transfer.

  • Support for multilingual sites and worldwide currencies.

Trust is crucial when looking to buy an item with a pricetag this high. Customers can manage many of their own services on their account, eliminating the leg work for your customer service team with features like:

  • Contact Us form.

  • Order History with Status Updates.

  • Order Tracking from Account.

  • Forgot Password Email from front-end and administration panel.

  • Order and Account Update Emails.

  • Customizable order update emails.

  • Create and Edit Orders from the Admin Panel.

The Magento 2 Upgrade Process

The four components of a Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration process, or migration from another system are:

  • Theme Migration (or re-build if migrating from third-party)
  • Extension Migration 
  • Customizations Migration
  • Data Migration
TheFastTracktoMagento2_1Process_01 (1).png