Magento 2: Tailored for your Industry

Magento 2 can enhance, optimize and upgrade your current store, tailored to your needs. With functionalities built-in to Magento 2 for your industry, and Web Solutions NYC's customizations for competitive advantage: it's a winning solution. 

Don't see what you need here? Contact us. We can tailor a custom suite of solutions and services for our clients. Whether you need a hand, or need a team - we can flex to your requirements. 

Magento 2 for B2B

Magento and Web Solutions NYC makes it simple to translate complexity into a high-performance online catalog for B2B, (including Supply chain and Manufacturing). 

Magento 2 for Fashion & Beauty

Magento and Web Solutions NYC have an impressive catalog of popular Fashion and Beauty brands: see why.  


Magento 2 for Food & Beverage

Web Solutions NYC and Magento know how to take specialty Food & Beverage grocers to mainstream. 


Magento 2 for Pharma, Medical, & Health

Magento 2 for Books, Movies, & Music

Magento and Web Solutions NYC have deep expertise managing health industry clients and have developed industry-specific features: see more.

Buying books, movies and music in a store is now foreign to many coming-of-age buyers. See how Magento and Web Solutions NYC are transforming this industry.