Magento Features for B2B eCommerce

Magento 2 is the latest version of the retail’s most popular, next-generation digital commerce platform. Web Solutions NYC has developed proprietary technology to enhance Magento's native B2B online retail capabilities. It's the perfect match to drive more sales and gain competitive advantage in the lucrative B2B market.  


The B2B Market

The consumerization of B2B eCommerce has become the industry standard. It’s no longer enough to provide just a B2C-like experience for B2B online retailing – the bar is set higher by the wave of companies entering the B2B selling market.

With 86% of companies surveyed by Forrester Research saying they now sell online to customers who used to purchase from them only offline, the opportunities for growth are endless. Companies looking to enter the B2B online retail market often face challenges such as infrastructure, website design, optimization, and B2B custom features. Magento and Web Solutions NYC can help evolve your business to be B2B-optimized.





Why Magento for B2B

Efficiency is key when selling business-to-business, for both the buyer and the seller. B2B executives are busy – making transactions easier and uncomplicated is a key business driver. For companies looking to enter the B2B selling channel, or to make their company more effective in this area, efficiency in time-to-market for B2B optimization is vital.

Automation of crucial processes, improving customer service, and embracing omni-channel optimization are B2B retail challenges that the Magento eCommerce platform can resolve.


Why Web Solutions NYC for your B2B Magento Partner

Web Solutions NYC has spent a year developing a custom, Magento-verified suite of modules for B2B online retail enhancement. The B2B Optimization suite provides an robust extension to the Native Magento 2 business-to-business functionalities.

The first component of the B2B Optimization Module is the Sub Accounts module. Create multiple users with separate rules and permissions like ordering cap, the ability to request quotes and what information accounts can access.

The second component of the B2B Optimization Module is the Request for Quotes module. When sub accounts have permission, the accounts can request a quote from the merchant. If the quote is accepted, the customer can automatically place an order from the accepted quote. The merchant can also send back a counter-quote to be accepted by the customer. Streamlining these communications is key for keeping customers on your site and ensuring repeat buying.