Magento for B2C Online Retail

Magento 2 is the latest version of the retail’s most popular, next-generation digital commerce platform. Web Solutions NYC has developed proprietary technology to enhance Magento's native B2C online retail capabilities. It's the perfect match to drive more sales, loyalty and customer lifetime value. 


The B2C Market

Experience is key when selling to a wide range of consumers, with varying levels of patience for complex product catalogs, and that may be apprehensive about purchasing an item with a large price tag online. Making your site customized, personalized and with a stellar user experience is crucial to winning repeat online buyers and creating evangelists to spread your website further. Magento has been named a winner by Gartner in 2017 for their online retail solutions and some of the largest global brands in the world trust Magento to run their eCommerce operations.




Why Magento for B2C

Omnichannel is the #1 consideration for B2C online retail. Customers are shopping in different, not-yet-predictable ways. Access to an amazing site experience across mobile, tablet, desktop and any other selling channels is imperative to avoid sale abandonment. 

This doesn’t mean that customers won’t interact with your site through traditional interfaces. They’ll still visit your website and reach out to your customer service department. But new avenues and connections have been opened, and consumers will use them to engage with your business and search for information about your products.

Magento for B2C Features:

  • Customized shopper experiences and templates that drive sales on any device.

  • Responsive design across laptops, tablets and mobile

  • Mobile-conversion increasing UX

  • Omni-channel customer experience


Why Web Solutions NYC for your B2C Magento Partner

Web Solutions NYC has an impressive portfolio of global, multi-million dollar B2C brands for a reason. We take a deep, personalized approach to every project we begin to fully understand your vision, industry and how to position your company for immediate success.