Magento Security Audit

Security and Reliability: Guaranteed


About Web Solutions NYC Security Audits

An attack can happen to retailers of any size, and have devastating affects. Attacks can make your customer information vulnerable and affect the performance of your site, or knock our your site completely. Our Senior Team of Magento developers will analyze your site front-end, back-end and code for potential security vulnerabilities. 

Every week, retailers are in the news for exposing their customers data to potential hackers or a breach on their site. It's not just the big box retailers that make the news. Ensure your site is protected with a comprehensive security audit from the experts. 

What's in a Magento Security Audit?

  1. Performance Monitoring and recognition of potential obstacles and bottlenecks.
  2. Update all security patches and Magento instances.
  3. Check for a history of attacks or attempts to access the site by malware or cyberattackers. 
  4. International Magento site audits and security checks. 
  5. Seasonality and Peak Time audit for potential vulnerabilities before the busy season. 
  6. Technical Support, Diagnostics and Troubleshooting available on a part-time or full-time basis via our Continuous Support offering.
  7. Audit of third-party extensions and modules for security. 

Tangible Results

A Security Audit can lessen the chances of a security leakage or damage to your site. Auditing for security should be a proactive solution, but in the case of a reaction to an attack, Web Solutions NYC is able to take on immediate projects to secure your Magento site. 

SC Media reports that 55% of online retail sites have some degree of vulnerability to attacks and information breach. Retain peace of mind by knowing your site is secured by a team of Magento-certified experts.