Magento User Training

Our experts are ready to make you experts.


About Magento End-User Training

Whether you have completed a project with Web Solutions NYC, or are running Magento in-house... Our experts would love to teach you how to harness the full power of Magento.  Our goal is to help your company achieve their goals, if you want to bring your Magento operation in-house, or want to train your admins for day-to-day use; we can help! We offer:

  • Video training sessions on Magento Back-end Set-up
  • Project Documentation
  • Installation of custom modules and documentation on how to operate.
  • Front-end Assistance
  • Continuous Support and Managed Services.

Want to outsource partially or fully? We Have a Plan for you. 

If you need help managing day-to-day Magento administrative duties, or just need a hand for peak seasons and special projects... Check out our menu of Managed Services Offerings. 


Tangible Results

We have helped many of our clients transition to completely in-house management of their Magento Operations. See our Case Studies from Magento 1 and Magento 2.