Managed Services

Our team of project managers, developers and technology experts are here to provide excellent service — on your schedule. We offer on-going maintenance and support to manage customers’ day-to-day needs.

All clients enrolled in our Magento Managed Services plan have direct access to our Magento Certified Development team to ensure immediate response to critical issues that may arise, 24/7.


Continuous Improvements 

Want a hand making sure your eCommerce site is keeping up with the swift-moving trends of the industry, and is always operating at peak performance? Our Continuous Improvements offer includes:

  • Site Performance Monitoring and Optimization
  • eCommerce enhancements
  • Security Patches and Updates
  • Seasonality and Peak Selling Time Enhancements
  • On-going Analysis of Areas for Improvement

Team Augmentation & Full-service Management

With a growing company, it's often hard to gauge the number of resources necessary to manage an eCommerce operation. Instead of making the commitment to hire more full-time resources, and incur the potential long-term overhead, Web Solutions NYC offers team augmentation of our vetted, Magento-Certified Developers on an as-needed basis. In addition, if your team has their hands full, we offer Full-Service Management of your eCommerce Operations, development, troubleshooting and on-going support. 



Special Projects

We love when our clients break into new markets, expand their product lines or experience rapid growth: that means we've done our job giving them the foundation for explosive growth. Some of the special projects we have enabled for our clients include:

  • Global Expansion: Expanded payments, Shipping, Country-specific Sites.
  • B2B-selling Enabled Capabilities: Request for Quote, Business Accounts functions.
  • Server Migration: Optimization for All Back-end Functions.
  • Module and Extension Installation: Building Upon Native Magento Functions in Numerous Areas.
  • And More! Just ask.