Site Optimizations

"Optimization" has been a buzzword for a few years now, but at Web Solutions NYC, we have truly defined what it means to have an Optimized Magento site... We have been doing it for over ten years, after all. Take a look at some of our most popular offerings to improve site performance, delight customers, and of course, drive revenue.


A/B Testing 

When launching a new site, there's only one way to truly know if you have a rockstar customer experience... Test it! Web Solutions NYC is able to help achieve:

  • A/B Testing Segments and Page Set-up
  • Navigation and Merchandising Consulting
  • Reporting and Analytics Comprehension
  • Magento Business Intelligence Install and Management

Marketing and Promotional Modules

We have been hard at work developing a suite of Magento 2 Modules for Marketing and Promotions to enhance the native Magento Marketing Features, and our team of business technology professionals is ready to help you choose the ones your site can benefit from. If we don't have the module built, we are happy to find and test the best one Magento has to offer. Our top proprietary marketing modules include:



Marketing Consultations

We have stellar partnerships with the best of the best marketing businesses to meet your needs and budget. If you need a recommendation, a liaison, or would like us to manage the partnership, we can offer:

  • SEO Consultations and Testing
  • Partnership Liaison with Marketing Agencies
  • Custom Content Creation
  • Graphic Design
  • Writers, Editors and Copywriters