Web Solutions NYC created skunexus to fill the gaps in intelligent order management we saw our clients experiencing.

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skunexus order management system

Omnichannel is no longer optional: do it better than your competitors with the robust set of tools and future-facing features in skunexus.

According to Forrester, over half of eCommerce professionals are looking to create a mature omnichannel strategy across the enterprise, and only 29 percent believe they already have that.

Why Web Solutions NYC & skunexus for Magento

We are a Magento Enterprise Solutions Partner, and have been a leading Magento development agency for a decade. So we know the challenges and opportunities your business faces, and designed SkuNexus to answer them.

SkuNexus was designed to seamlessly integrate with eCommerce sites running on Magento. Disparate systems and siloed business units are one of the main drivers of inefficiency in the order-to-door cycle.

Ensuring that your eCommerce platform fully integrates into your warehouse management system automates the flow of information, resulting in reduced man hours and inefficiencies from manual information processing. 

See how Graeter's Ice Cream automated 100% of over 11,000 standard orders using the SkuNexus platform. >>



Magento Projects

We have some amazing Magento projects under our belt, and the best clients we could ask for. Are you interested in getting a Magento project started today? Let us know. We'd be happy to show you what we're about.