Magento for Small Business

Expanding your eCommerce operations as a small business does not have to be a huge initial time and financial investment with a long period of time to see returns. The fierce competition for online markets can and should be open to small businesses. Magento gives growing brands the scalable enterprise tools they need to compete with large competitors and provide a stellar customer experience. 

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Control over Customer Experience

When expanding your eCommerce brand, customer experience functionalities and design enhance the site experience for the customer. Magento supports customer design and responsive templates across all selling channels, with the ability to decrease time-to-market of launching a merchant website. From merchandising, design, customizations, to sales channels, Magento gives you full control of the brand experience.


Why plan your Small Business eCommerce with Web Solutions NYC?

We have helped numerous growing and mid-market merchants break into new sales niches and reach more customers through a functional and beautiful online experience. Whether you are chasing a new market shift, or want to break into an established market, we have the expertise to make your Magento platform work for your business goals and vision. We allowed M&J Trimmings to introduce online commerce to their flagship store in NYC for exceptional sales growth.


More Planning and Auditing Services for Small Business

Identifying bottlenecks in site performance can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack... But luckily, we know what to look for. In addition, we have stellar relationships with trusted partners for third-party optimizations as well. Some of our most popular offerings:

  • Site Speed Enhancement
  • Performance Optimization
  • Security Patches, PCI Compliance, HIPAA Considerations
  • Server Monitoring, Migration and Upgrade via partner Nexcess
  • Cyber Attack Monitoring and Defense