Wellevate is a next generation online patient dispensary focused on delivering the brands, resources & services to help support integrative health practitioners provide the best possible care to their patients. A true prescription marketplace that helps make the life of patients and doctors easier.

The Solution

Pharmaceuticals are a regulated industry with high standards for security and business. Web Solutions NYC did a full code audit for Wellevate, cleaned up every line of bad code re-factored their front-end on Angular and made modernizations and optimizations to deliver a secure, excellent customer experience. Privacy and security are vital in patient communications, so every transaction is safe and secure with full HIPAA and PCI compliancy.


We provided continuous improvements for Wellevate two years after the project, and then assisted in a transfer to their internal teams.

The Problem:

Wellevate was looking for a partner that could deliver more personalized communication and better deliverables than their current agency. After finding what they needed in an agency with Web Solutions NYC, we became their go-to partner for reengineering their website.



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Web Solutions NYC provided:

  • Code Audit
  • Performance Optimization
  • Customer Experience Improvements
  • Compliance and Data security
  • Security Patches
  • Module Installations
  • Continuous Improvements